How To Get Cheap Website Traffic – The Bum Marketing Method Explained

Let’s face it, you need to get traffic to your website or you will never make a dime from it. The only problem is that most new marketers have no idea how to get cheap website traffic and they also don’t have a very large budget. This can make it a bit difficult to get the traffic you need, but not impossible. The bum marketing method is a great way to get not just cheap, but free website traffic. Read on to discover the bum marketing method.

Bum Marketing was created by Travis Sago and is a way that people are making lots of money without spending a single dime. The bum method includes writing article for traffic and turning that traffic into sales. The basic ideas behind bum marketing is to write your articles around a specific keyword phrase so that you can get listed on the search engines. Then, you will get traffic from the search engines and be able to create small traffic machines.

The keyword phrase you target needs to be one that people are using to search and needs to have little competition. This gives you the best chance to get listed on Google and other search engines. The advantage of this is that if you had a large amount of articles out there you could be getting a large amount of cheap website traffic. Cheap meaning that all the traffic costs you is some of your time to write the articles with the bum method.

Imagine if you wrote just one article each day for a year. You would have 365 little traffic machines creating a flood of traffic to your websites. Even if you only got 1 visitor a week from each article you would be getting 365 visits a week. If you convert one out of every 50 into a sale, then you would get about one sale each day. If each sale made you a $30 commission, then you would have created a lasting $210 income each week. Now imagine if you wrote 5 articles a day.